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  Lubricant Technical Support

We have a team of experienced sales and technical support personnel that meet the highest standards of product knowledge and customer service. They offer solutions and ideas to solve many lubrication problems. These lubrication solutions include lubricants recommendations, oil and equipment performance analysis, storage and handling, trouble shooting, plant survey, lubrication training, etc, which translates to significant cash savings through extended equipment life, lower maintenance and overall operating costs.

Our specific services include:

Lubrication Training:
An integral part of our service offering is lubrication training. This is essential in ensuring that our clients’ personnel are adequately trained and up to date with current developments in lubrication technology. In conjunction with our clients’ plant management, we develop and deliver a training program in lubricants, lubrication practices as well as health, safety and environmental issues..

Used Oil Analysis (MSLA):
MobilServ Lubricants Analysis (MSLA) is a program supported by a global network of ExxonMobil lubrication professionals. It is an expert analytical service especially useful for maintenance professionals seeking to increase their productivity and profit. This pacesetting program for Mobil lubricants offers new online capabilities to help the maintenance personnel manage their lubrication businesses better. MSLA goes beyond simply providing basic information on the condition of your lubricant and equipment but you shall receive expert assessments that not only identify a potential problem, but also list possible causes and recommend actions and follow up.

Plant Study/Analysis:
We conduct an audit of the lubricant and lubrication requirement of our customers’ plants, in whole or in sections, to identify specific lubrication needs or Problem areas.

The benefit of this is to bring in new ideas and professional advice that will potentially improve customer’s performance and her work environment in terms of:

  • More efficient and reliable equipment operation
  • Longer equipment life
  • Lower equipment maintenance cost
  • Lubricants rationalization
  • Reduction in unscheduled equipment downtime


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